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Back Pain

rerIf you suffer with upper, middle or low back pain or stiffness, we can help.

This is where the chiropractors at My Chiro on Preston see some of their greatest results and truly excel and can often achieve immediate relief!

In the upper and/or mid back, we are almost always addressing mechanics of the spine related to poor posture or old injuries. Pain in the shoulder blade is also very common and most easily corrected by addressing the dysfunctional movement of the underlying ribs.

In the low back most often we are dealing with one of 3 issues; dysfunction of the sacro-iliac joint, misalignment of the lumbar spine or a disc injury. There are certain orthopaedic tests we perform to assess the primary source of pain. And of course no-one has better training than a chiropractor to palpate the spine and soft tissue structures to ascertain the underlying problem and contributing factors.

It’s interesting to know that 80% of all people experience lower back pain at some point of their lives and over 50% of those have recurring problems that can last a life time.

Therapy almost always includes correcting the underlying joint dysfunction, addressing hypertonic muscles with soft tissue release techniques and kinesiotaping.

For long term results we encourage the use of dietary counselling, supplementation if required, and core strengthening.

There is a growing body of evidence supporting chiropractic being your first choice if you suffer with mechanical low back pain.

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