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Check ups

check-ups-1024x480When it comes to good health for you and your family, preventing a problem is much easier than treating one. In the long run, prevention also costs much less.

We are educated to get our teeth checked when we are very young as we understand that we essentially get one set for a life time.

Well the same is true with our spine and nervous system! In fact the same is true with our entire body! We only get one!

Most of us are introduced to chiropractic care when we are adults – and we have to play catch-up for a period of time before we really begin to feel healthy again

If we began chiropractic care as a child or younger adult, it probably would not take too long to restore good health.

Chiropractic care is valuable for you, and is valuable for your children. Kids are natural explorers – they run, jump, climb things, fall down, and bounce around.

Kids are resilient – this ability to recover quickly is one of the great benefits of being very young. Occasionally, one of these activity-related injuries impacts a child’s spine. Nothing obvious has happened and nothing hurts. But there may be subtle injuries to spinal muscles and spinal ligaments that have a long-term effect on spinal nerve function.

Is chiropractic safe?

The New Zealand Governments Commission of Inquiry into Chiropractic concluded: “Spinal adjusting is a vital, very safe and clinically effective form of health care. Chiropractors have more thorough training in spinal mechanics and spinal care than any other health professional. Furthermore, chiropractic is scientifically based.”


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