A Tailored Approach Every Time

backpainThe following article highlights why a targeted approach to addressing musculoskeletal problems achieves superior outcomes. No two patients that walk through the door of any practice will be the same. So while we like to have what I refer to as an “evidence informed” approach, there is no article that has done research on your unique history or physical presentation. On your first visit you will receive information regarding what your most likely diagnosis is and if I think I can help. I may recommend a multi-disciplinary approach (ie chiropractic along with remedial massage, exercise rehab, supplementation, physiotherapy, etc), or if you need to be referred to another health professional entirely. – Dr Rebecca Hewitt

A Tailored Approach Every Time

Not all back pain is the same, so the treatment for back pain shouldn’t be the same either. That may seem like common sense but now scientists are beginning to understand the truth behind that idea. A study published in the UK demonstrates the benefits of targeted treatment for patients with back pain.

Researchers divided back pain patients into two groups – those that would receive targeted treatment and those that would receive non-targeted treatment. Those participants in the targeted-care group were evaluated based on risk level. They were given different levels of physiological and psychological treatment depending on their level of risk.

Patients with targeted treatment showed significant improvements that those without targeted care did not. Those improvements included: less days of work due to back pain, better physical and emotional functioning, higher quality of life, and reduced disability from back pain. They experienced economic benefits as well; targeted-care patients saved money on health bills by avoiding types of treatment or doctors visits that weren’t necessary for their condition.

Without prognostic screening to create targeted treatment, researchers concluded that “many medium-risk and high-risk patients are potentially being denied access to more sophisticated treatments that are likely to improve their clinical outcomes.”

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Original Article Written by: Michael Melton on June 15, 2015.